Monday, October 26, 2009

Lying in Bed Outfit

I took another break. First school got in the way of blogging, then I caught some kind of flu on Thursday. I had to venture out in the world today to go to school for a meeting, then as I arrived home a little achey and still kind of tired, I found that my UN scarf had arrived! So I incorporated it into my lying in bed outfit. Tomorrow it will get to go out into the world in a real outfit. It is the perfect shade of dark purple--I didn't have quite the right colored pencil to capture it!

1 comment:

lauren carney said...

oh oh ohh
you are quite the talented little lady!
your creations are so beautiful, and colourful!
they are real sketchy and quirky too!
thanks for making lovely things and sharing them with the world!
you are quite inspirational and it is much appreciated!